Islam is the most comprehensive philosophy and way of life for mankind. It has prescribed the best rules and regulations for living a sacred and natural life. Islam attaches great importance to education. The importance of education in Islam can be understood by the fact that the revelation of holy Quran began with the verses on education. Sayings of the holy prophet (s) also show the same importance of education in Islam. The holy prophet (s) has asked to obtain knowledge and wisdom from any corner of the world.

      Islam also attaches great importance to technical and vocational education. The prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) had inculcated labour as a duty. He had given pious status to labour, employment and industrial pursuits. The holy Quran has emphasized at several places for research and investigation and has invited human beings to consider over the creation of the moon, the sun, stars, the earth and secrets of the universe. Modern science and technology are the predominant powers of the present time. We should take full advantage from them for our well being and the upliftment of our country. Other religions have also emphasized the importance of education.


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