All human beings are equal and they constitute the family of ONE and only ONE GOD. Nobody is superior to any other body on the basis of caste, creed, colour or region except on the basis of righteousness.

The institution is open to all without any consideration of caste, creed, color, region or religion.

The aim of education is to develop the total personality of Mankind. This implies all-round development of the full potential of a human being in terms of body, mind and soul.

The ultimate aim of education is to attain complete submission to GOD in all spheres of human life.

Though value education is inclusive in the definition of quality education, it assumes special significance today, due to present day phenomenon of corruption, dishonesty, selfishness and moral pollution.

The people have become so much materialistic that money has become all important and is to be earned by all means. The situation can only be improved if ethical and moral values are emphasized in educational institutions.

We should evolve a system of all-round education which will develop our students in their minds, in their physique, in their personality, their social consciousness so that they become good citizens of India.

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